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Why do people have to be so mean to one another?

I know I sound like a child when I ask “Why do people have to be so mean to one another?” But, I don’t think I’m the only one in the world asking this question. In the town I live in there is a really ugly political battle going on with really slimy tactics. It’s a byproduct of our society. It’s on TV too. I suppose the entertainment industry feels they are jokes or entertaining to watch people rip other people apart verbally but I get no pleasure from it.

Seriously, I don’t think it’s from being weak in any way. There’s a lot that has happened in my life to prove I’m no weakling. It’s that I don’t see what purpose cruelty serves. Isn’t life hard enough? Do we really have to be butt-heads to each other too? Is that really the best that humanity can do? I just don’t see evidence of that when I see the pyramids, the space shuttle program, the iPod for goodness sake. Or when I see Occupy Wall St. or the Arab Spring. Don’t those things prove we as people can do better? The thing is humanity is better than that. I know it. Why don’t we as humanity show that more. Or is it there and it’s just harder to experience because of all the noise out there. Noise saying the world is bad, dangerous, that people are greedy and want to kill you. That’s the message right? Why? Why is that the message instead of how beautiful people can be when given the opportunity? What’s wrong with that message? I just think it’s healthier that’s all. So many people want to leave this planet for a better place. Why not make this place a better place? Are we as people really incapable of making that happen? I really don’t know.